Kickstarter boilerplate to be used by `composer create-project` command. Demo/Test Application.

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Kickstarter boilerplate to be used by composer create-project command. Demo/Test Application.


Installation (via UI) - Recommended way provides an UI you can download and use to create projects by an web-interface-UI.

Configuration and Usage

  • Create boilerplate (optional) not yet supported
composer create-project frdl/project <dir>

  • Make directory ./web public, e.g. by creating a vhost with this dir as DOCUMENT_ROOT.

  • Login to ./web/admin.php with the default-password "admin" and CHANGE THE PASSWORD!

  • Setup:

    • Visit the System Menu to setup and configure the requirements: * Setup Composer in the System-Page
      * Setup Workspace Directory in the System-Page
      * Setup Node.jsand npm in the System-Page
      * Setup git in the System-Page
      * Setup frdl.js in the System-Page
      * Finalize the installation, klick Install Webfan PHP-Installer in the System-Page
    • Manage your Projects:
      * Create your first project in the Project-Page via the Create Project-Button * Add the dependencies and frdl-module packages by visiting the Project->Composer Menu * Install the dependencies * Setup and configure your frdl-modules via visiting the Project->Configuration-Menu * Click Compile Project in the Endpoint-Page to compile the application using frdl and frdl.js
  • Tip: rename the admin.php file to a new name harder to guess!

  • Tip: enable the autoupdate and adminalert features and options if present!


Create Project Add dependencies Compile your project


To develop a Module for this framework, you have to publish a package of type "frdl-module" or "frdl-extension". Following the directory-structure and naming conventions of the framework it will be compiled by frdl. Documentation follows/to do...

Example Modules