Provides connection to the webfantize adapters...

v6.0.1 2023-01-07 04:05 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2023-11-07 05:50:18 UTC


Fusio adapter which provides connections to communicate with Frdlweb API Endpoints and Webfan Services or Entities. You can install the adapter with the following steps inside your Fusio project:

composer require frdl/fusio-adapter-webfantize
php bin/fusio system:register Fusio\Adapter\Webfantize\Adapter


  • KeychainRegistry/KeychainRegistryWrapper
  • PleskApiClient
  • Database/DatabaseWrapper (Medoo/kdbv)
  • FilesystemCache
  • NextcloudApiWrapper
  • CircuitBreakerProtectedConnectionWrapper (todo: rewrite/redesign if usecase!?!)
  • TemporaryDirectory
  • LazyEventHandlers - Directoy for frdl\event-module
  • Content-addressable storage server frdl\cta
  • DirectoryProtocolMount


  • It should more INdependent from KeychainRegistry/KeychainRegistryWrapper!?!
  • Parameterize the connections with Context (e.g Wrapper->connect($context[AppId, RouteId, UserId, ...]))