Adds the possibility, as a finisher, to save and export the form entries from customers.

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5.0.0 2023-12-07 10:50 UTC



Save submitted forms answers from the core extension forms made simple.

Saves submitted form answers in the database on the same pid where the form is inserted. Gives possibility to export the data as xsl, xml or csv.

How it works

This extension adds a new finisher to the Module "Forms". By adding this finisher the extension saves all submitted forms into the pid where the form is displayed. A new module is added where all the submitts from a given pid are displayed - if there are subpages with saved forms, the pages are displayed.

There is a fast export on top of the list view where you can select either all or all new forms (not exported yet). An configurable export can be reached by changing the view to "Export".


New finisher in module form. List subpages with form answers in module Form Answers. List form answers of given pid in module Form Answers Form for custom export in module  Form Answers


Through TER or with composer (typo3-ter/frp-form-answers).


Simply install the extension and add the finisher to a form.

  • No TypoScript setup to include.


There is a signal included in the finisher, after filling up the values in an array. It gives you the array so you can modify or add several fields, like IP address, Client information, time stamps or other information.

The fields are inserted by the identifier each field has from the form extension. The data structure looks like this:


'value' => $value, 'conf' => array[

'label' => $label, 'inputType' => $inputType



$value The value of the field. Values with several options are comma-separatet

$label Label of the field - will be used in detail view in the backend

$inputType Inputtype of the field, as configured in Module Forms. EXT:forms includes some hidden/bnous fields like fieldsets and a honeypot, we need the inputType to separate them in export.


Bug reports

Bug reports are welcome through GitHub.

Please submit with your issue the debug log.

Pull request

Pull request are welcome through GitHub.

Please note that pull requests to the master branch will be ignored. Please pull to the develop branch.


1.2.0:Several Bugfixes, Mail notification as cronjob
1.1.0:Several Bugfixes, better overview of subpages with formAnswers, labels translated. Added possibility to add a separate uid-list for each form (submit_uid) -> option set in extension settings.
1.0.0:First release