Includes methods that extract SEO info from url or HTML code

0.1.1 2013-11-25 11:49 UTC


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Itseo is a class that meets a set of tests whose function is to review web pages in very basic level to extract information about SEO.

Current tests that Itseo includes

  • Dmoz directory check.
  • Favicon present.
  • Flash elements present (embed and objects).
  • Frame and Iframe elements present.
  • Headings list.
  • Image's alt present.
  • Links check (well formed, other elements inside or missing href tag).
  • Title element present.
  • Meta title present (same as Title element and correct size).
  • Meta description present (and correct size).
  • Meta Keywords present.
  • Robots file present and well formed.
  • Sitemap file present.
  • Text ratio check (almost 25% / total page code).
  • Url size.
  • WWW and non-WWW redirected to the same page.
  • Humans.txt file present.

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