Simple & configurable SilverStripe module to notify admin on contact form submission

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Simple & configurable SilverStripe module to notify CMS Admin on Contact form submission

Maintainer Contacts

  • Milan Jelicanin [at]
  • Petar Simic [at]


  • SilverStripe 4 CMS & Framework

Version info

The master branch of this module is currently aiming for SilverStripe 4.x compatibility

Installation Instructions

  • Download a release of this module and place this directory in the root of your SilverStripe installation and rename the folder 'contact-page' OR better way install it via Composer:

    composer require "fractas/contactpage" "^2.0"
  • Visit to rebuild the database.

  • Visit and create Contact Page.

  • On newly created Contact Page set up Mail From (or leave blank) and Mail To adresses and enter Mail Subject for sending email notification on mail specified on Mail To field.

  • On tab "On Submision" enter validation Success Title and Success Text, optionaly add Image or Content.

  • Optionaly you can add an checkbox for "Terms of service page" and link to it

User guide

For more informations about usage with screenshoots user guide is available here


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