SilverStripe module for creation and organization predefined content templates for your Html Editor Fields

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2.0.4 2018-12-01 23:21 UTC

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SilverStripe module for creation and organization predefined/canned content templates for your HtmlEditorField

Maintainer Contacts

  • Milan [dot] Jelicanin [at] Fractas [dot] com
  • Petar [dot] Simic [at] Fractas [dot] com


  • SilverStripe CMS & Framework 4+

Version info

The master branch of this module is currently aiming for SilverStripe 4.x compatibility

Installation Instructions

  • Install via Composer

    composer require fractas/canned-content:^2.0
  • Run to rebuild the database

  • Visit CMS tab 'Canned Content' and start creating templates which you can use on your HtmlEditorField. Canned Content model admin

  • You can now use even Predefined Canned Content templates with 8 different Lorem ipsum texts Canned Content tinyMce 4

Known Issues

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