Loggly logging integration for Laravel projects

dev-master 2016-05-24 15:52 UTC

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Last update: 2021-10-09 16:50:07 UTC


Loggly logging and error integration for Laravel 5. Based on laravel-rollbar by jenssegers.

This package is still IN DEVELOPMENT.


Install using composer:

composer require FoxxMD/loggly

Add the service provider to the 'providers' array in config/app.php:



This package supports configuration through the services configuration file located in app/config/services.php. All configuration variables will be directly passed to Rollbar:

'loggly' => [
    'key' => 'your-loggly-token',
    'level' => 'debug',
    'tags' => ['your-tokens]

The level variable defines the minimum log level at which log messages are sent to Loggly.


To automatically monitor exceptions, simply use the Log facade in your error handler in app/Exceptions/Handler.php:

public function report(Exception $e)

    return parent::report($e);

For Laravel 4 installations, this is located in app/start/global.php:

App::error(function(Exception $exception, $code)

Your other log messages will also be sent to Loggly:

\Log::debug('Here is some debug information');