LTE3 Control Panel for Laravel Framework

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Create easily and quickly a convenient and functional dashboard for web-site, blogs, shops, crm, apps with the help of a template and a powerful system for building fields and forms.




composer require fomvasss/laravel-lte3

composer require almasaeed2010/adminlte --dev

php artisan vendor:publish --tag=lte3-config

php artisan lte3:install

That's all. You can usage LTE3 in your project :)

All examples of fields and components can be viewed: http://site.test/lte3/exsmples (.../examples/components.vlade.php)


Configuration file: config/lte3.php

For correct work navigation in dashboard, apply middleware. Add this to App\Http\Kernel.php:

$middlewareGroups = [
  'web' => [

Publishing (optional)

This package require dev almasaeed2010/adminlte package. If you chose the option to create a symbolic link (when installing) to adminlte resources, then the almasaeed2010/adminlte dependency must be included in your composer:

composer require almasaeed2010/adminlte

If you publish all almasaeed2010/adminlte resources to the public, then the unused packages (public/vendor/adminlte/plugins/...) can be manually cleaned so as not to take up disk space.

Of course, you can published partial for customize:

  • views: lte-view-components, lte-view-examples, lte-view-auth, lte-view-parts, lte-view-layouts

  • other: lte-config, lte-assets, lte-lang

For Example:

php artisan vendor:publish --tag=lte-view-components


  • config/lte3.php - package config
  • public/vendor/adminlte - original AdminLte assets (css, js, plugins) ColorlibHQ/AdminLTE3
  • public/vendor/lte3 - custom assets (you can change this)
  • resources/views/vendor/lte3 - optional publishing
    • auth
    • layouts
    • parts
    • components
    • examples

Usage & Development

See examples.blade.php