Photon static site generator - base distribution

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Photon is a static site generator based on Neos CMS technology.

What is Photon?

  • Content is stored in folders and files without needing a database
  • A static version of the Neos Content Repository provides many of the same features like flexible and custom Node Types for structuring semantic content - by using folders and YAML files
  • Content can be nested inside YAML files (but it can always be split in separate files)
  • Photon does not use a fixed one-to-one mapping between files for the content and its output, like many other SSGs
  • Generating something (it's not limited to HTML) from the content is fully flexible and based on Fusion (as one possible generator implementation)
  • Fusion in Photon can use FlowQuery to traverse static nodes almost like in the original content repository
  • For now it's an experiment to see how static site generation and Neos can be brought together

Getting started

Creating a new project

composer create-project flowpack/photon-base-distribution -s dev photon-demo

Generate content from the demo package

./flow generate:content Flowpack.Photon.Demo

See Flowpack.Photon.Demo/Resources/Private/Fusion/Root.fusion for a demo generator definition and Flowpack.Photon.Demo/Resources/Private/Content for the static content layout.


All development is done in https://github.com/Flowpack/photon-development-collection, expect to find a lot of loose ends and bugs.