Optimize resources globally based on media types.

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v0.4.0 2022-02-02 16:54 UTC

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Flownative ImageOptimizer

Uses a low-level resource publishing target to optimize resources with binary tools (eg. image optimization).


composer require flownative/image-optimizer


See Configuration/Settings.yaml.example

Basically you configure this as your main publishing target but with an actual target on top.

The ImageOptimizerTarget simply takes any images published through it, checks if the media type matches one of the configured ones and if so optimizes the image (best result effort, so if the filesize after tool is bigger the original is used as optimized.) URLs will always point to the optimized image.

The configuration for a media type contains a binaryPath to the tool used for optimization of the file and arguments which is evaluated as EEL expression with two variables available:

  • originalPath - a temporary file path with the original
  • optimizedPath - a temporary file path to write the optimized file to

The OptimizationService can be used on it's own if optimization in another place is required. It will return an optimized PersistentResource object which may have the same binary content as the given input stream.