Gravatar View Helper for Flow

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v2.0.5 2022-04-07 10:32 UTC

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Gravatar View Helper for Flow

This package provides a Fluid View Helper which can be used in Neos Flow based applications for displaying Gravatar images.


The Flownative Gravatar package is installed as a regular Flow package via Composer. For your existing project, simply include flownative/gravatar into the dependencies of your Flow or Neos distribution:

    $ composer require flownative/gravatar:~2.0


In your Fluid template, use the Gravatar View Helper like any other view helper. Possible arguments for the view helper are:

Argument Required ? Description
email yes specifies the email address of the Gravatar to display
size no the size in pixels (used for width and height)
default no a URL pointing to a fallback image if no Gravatar exists for the given email address. Instead of a URL, the "default" parameter can also be one of "404", "mm", "identicon", "monsterid", "wavatar", retro" or "blank"
{namespace gravatar=Flownative\Gravatar\ViewHelpers}
<html lang="en">
        <gravatar:gravatar email="{someEmailAddress}" default="retro" size="48" alt="image" class="img-circle" width="48" height="48" />