A package with some extra privilege implementations (to be included into Flow 5.x eventually)

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Custom Entity Privileges for Flow

A package with some extra privilege implementations (to be included into Flow 5.0 eventually)


composer require flownative/flow-extraprivileges


After installing the package, a few new privileges may be used in your security policy.

Available privileges

The package provides four new privileges:

  • Flownative\Flow\ExtraPrivileges\Security\Authorization\Privilege\Entity\ReadPrivilege
  • Flownative\Flow\ExtraPrivileges\Security\Authorization\Privilege\Entity\CreatePrivilege
  • Flownative\Flow\ExtraPrivileges\Security\Authorization\Privilege\Entity\UpdatePrivilege
  • Flownative\Flow\ExtraPrivileges\Security\Authorization\Privilege\Entity\DeletePrivilege

The ReadPrivilege is a drop-in replacement for the EntityPrivilege shipped with Flow. It exists to lessen potential for confusion, since the name EntityPrivilege is rather ambiguous, but the privilege deals only with reading of entities.

The other three privileges offer new functionality and allow to secure the creation, updating and deletion of entities. Here is an example (to be used in Policy.yaml):


  # the "CreatePrivilege" is checked only for freshly created entities
      # matches any "Invoice" entity
      matcher: 'q(entity).is("[instanceof Acme\PrivilegesUser\Domain\Model\Invoice]")'
      # matches ony "Invoice" entities with a total "amount" of more than 10
      matcher: >
        q(entity).is("[instanceof Acme\PrivilegesUser\Domain\Model\Invoice]")
        && q(entity).property("amount") > 10

  # the "UpdatePrivilege" is checked only for existing entities that are updated
      # matches any "Invoice" entity being updated
      matcher: 'q(entity).is("[instanceof Acme\PrivilegesUser\Domain\Model\Invoice]")'
      # matches only "Invoice" entities being updated with a total "amount" of more than 10
      # in either the (unchanged) "originalEntityData" or the already changed "entity"
      matcher: >
        q(entity).is("[instanceof Acme\PrivilegesUser\Domain\Model\Invoice]")
        && (q(entity).property("amount") > 10
        || q(originalEntityData).property("amount") > 10)

      # matches any "Invoice" entity
      matcher: 'q(entity).is("[instanceof Acme\PrivilegesUser\Domain\Model\Invoice]")'
      # matches only "Invoice" entities being updated with a total "amount" of more than 10
      # in the (unchanged) "originalEntityData"
      matcher: >
        q(entity).is("[instanceof Acme\PrivilegesUser\Domain\Model\Invoice]")
        && q(originalEntityData).property("amount") > 10
Matcher syntax

The matcher syntax shown above differs from the syntax known from the EntityPrivilege in Flow (and that is unchanged for the Entity\ReadPrivilege in this package). The matcher syntax is regular Eel with support for FlowQuery, and there are two special items available in the context:

  • entity is the actual entity that is being checked
  • originalEntityData is an array with property values as they were loaded from the persistence

Keep in mind that checking for the type of entity is only possible on entity, the other item is an array and will never match a check against a class!

Eel helpers

In addition to these two, Eel helpers are available in the context, as configured in the settings with Flownative.Flow.ExtraPrivileges.defaultContext:

  • String: Neos\Eel\Helper\StringHelper
  • Array: Neos\Eel\Helper\ArrayHelper
  • Date: Neos\Eel\Helper\DateHelper
  • Configuration: Neos\Eel\Helper\ConfigurationHelper
  • Math: Neos\Eel\Helper\MathHelper
  • Json: Neos\Eel\Helper\JsonHelper
  • Security: Neos\Eel\Helper\SecurityHelper
  • Type: Neos\Eel\Helper\TypeHelper

Fluid (view) integration

The ifAccess view helper is used to check for access to a privilege target. With the new privileges, it has been expanded to accept the entity to check against in the parameter subject.

<f:security.ifAccess privilegeTarget="somePrivilegeTargetIdentifier" subject="{someEntity}">
   This is being shown in case you have access to the given privilege target


Further information and details on the reasoning behind this package may be found in Custom Privilege Targets.


Development of this package has been sponsored by clicsoft gmbh, Zug, Switzerland.