A package to integrate Auth0 with Flow applications

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Auth0 integration for Flow 5.x

This Flow package helps with integrating Auth0 for authentication and authorization.

It provides you with a wrapper for the management API which can be injected as a service into your own classes. The wrapper makes sure that the Auth0 client is configured correctly according to your settings.


The Auth0 integration is installed as a regular Flow package via Composer. For your existing project, simply include flownative/auth0 into the dependencies of your Flow or Neos distribution:

$ composer require flownative/auth0:1.*


In order to use the Management API you need to provide access to this package via the Auth0 dashboard. Create a new Auth0 machine-to-machine application (documentation), choose the Auth0 Management API and select the required scopes. When you authorized the new application, you'll find the necessary client id and client secret in the settings panel.