PHP ETL - Adapter - JSON

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This repo is READ ONLY, in order to contribute to Flow PHP project, please open PR against flow monorepo.

Changes merged to monorepo are automatically propagated into sub repositories.


ETL Adapter that provides memory safe JSON support for ETL.

Following implementation are available:


composer require flow-php/etl-adapter-json:1.x@dev

Json library is not explicitly required, you need to make sure it is available in your composer.json file. If you are only using Loader, this dependency is optional.

Extractor - JSONMachine - JsonExtractor


use Flow\ETL\Stream\LocalFile;
use Flow\ETL\Adapter\JSON\JSONMachine\JsonExtractor;

$rows = (new Flow())
    ->read(Json::from(new LocalFile(__DIR__ . '/../Fixtures/timezones.json'), 5))

Loader - JsonLoader


use Flow\ETL\Adapter\JSON\JsonLoader;
use Flow\ETL\Flow;
use Flow\ETL\Row;
use Flow\ETL\Rows;
use Flow\ETL\Stream\LocalFile;

(new Flow())
        new Rows(
                fn (int $i) : Row => Row::create(
                    new Row\Entry\IntegerEntry('id', $i),
                    new Row\Entry\StringEntry('name', 'name_' . $i)
                \range(0, 10)
    ->write(Json::to(new LocalFile(\sys_get_temp_dir() . '/file.json')))


In order to install dependencies please, launch following commands:

composer install

Run Tests

In order to execute full test suite, please launch following command:

composer build

It's recommended to use pcov for code coverage however you can also use xdebug by setting XDEBUG_MODE=coverage env variable.