GitLab.com & Github WebHooks system with PHP and YAML.

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Gitlab.com & GitHub WebHooks system with PHP and YAML.

Created by Florian Beer. Forked from Maxime Valette's webhooks.


  1. Clone the repo: git clone git@github.com:florianbeer/webhooks
  2. Install packages: composer install
  3. Copy the config.php.dist file to config.php and customize it
  4. Add a virtual host pointing to web/

All set! You just have to add a custom WebHook in the Service Hooks of your Gitlab.com or GitHub repositories, pointing to web/hooks.php.

Hooks file

The whole point of this script is that you can add custom hooks file specific to GitHub repositories.

It's a simple YAML file that looks like this:

  - john@acmewebsite.com
  - /usr/local/bin/composer install
  - php artisan migrate --env=production

So you can easily add or remove commands executed after every push.