A set classes that allow for creating JSON API compliant objects

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A set of classes that allow for creating JSON API compliant objects


The JSON API has a precise response format. This set of classes allows these to be easily created and interrogated, meaning easy and reliable output/input processing.

Output is as simple as:

use Floor9design\JsonApiFormatter\Models\JsonApiFormatter;

// Some example data:
$id = "2"; 
$type = 'test';
$attributes = ['test' => 'data'];

$json_api_response = new JsonApiFormatter();

$response = $json_api_response->dataResourceResponse($id, $type, $attributes); 
// a json-api string, good for direct output 

Other responses and elements, such as errors, meta data, links and source elements are all supported.

For more examples, see usage.


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The classes offer:

  • easy methods to wrap and unwrap content
  • default values and settings out of the box, improving the quality of response
  • fluent programming approach, allowing objects to be built on the fly


Via Composer/packagist

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composer require floor9design/json-api-formatter

Via git

Github Downloads

git clone https://github.com/floor9design-ltd/json-api-formatter.git


git clone git@github.com:floor9design-ltd/json-api-formatter.git


This is discussed in the usage document.


There are no specific config setup steps required. The class should autoload in PSR-4 compliant systems. If you are using the class on its own, simply include it however is most appropriate.


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Tests can be run as follows:

  • ./vendor/phpunit/phpunit/phpunit

Static analysis/code review can be performed by using phpstan:

  • ./vendor/bin/phpstan

The following tests and also creates code coverage (usually maintained at 100%)

  • ./vendor/phpunit/phpunit/phpunit --coverage-html docs/tests/

Note, the following are very useful for validating/testing outputs:



A changelog is generated here:


This software is available under the MIT licence.