Georgian language pack for Flarum.

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This package is auto-updated.

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This language pack is searching for a maintainer!

This language pack is maintained by the community. Anyone can translate through Weblate and no one verifies contributed translations. If you want to help maintain this package, you can contact us in this discussion.

Georgian language pack for Flarum

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This language pack contains Georgian translations for Flarum (compatible with 1.5.0 or newer) and popular extensions. Full list of supported extensions is available below.


You can install language pack using Composer:

composer require flarum-lang/georgian:dev-master

Then enable extension in admin panel of your Flarum.


You can update language pack using Composer:

composer update flarum-lang/georgian

Then clear the cache:

php flarum cache:clear

Translation status for Flarum core

Component Status
Core Translation status
Validation Translation status

Translation status for official extensions

Extension Status

Translation status for Friends of Flarum extensions

Extension Status

Translation status for community extensions

Extension Status
antoinefr/flarum-ext-money Translation status
antoinefr/flarum-ext-online Translation status
askvortsov/flarum-categories Translation status
askvortsov/flarum-discussion-templates Translation status
askvortsov/flarum-help-tags Translation status
askvortsov/flarum-moderator-warnings Translation status
askvortsov/flarum-pwa Translation status
askvortsov/flarum-saml Translation status
clarkwinkelmann/catch-the-fish Translation status
clarkwinkelmann/flarum-ext-author-change Translation status
clarkwinkelmann/flarum-ext-carving-contest Translation status
clarkwinkelmann/flarum-ext-colorful-borders Translation status
ianm/syndication Translation status

Translation status for premium extensions

Extension Status


This language pack is part of Flarum translations collective.

Translation for Day.js comes from the source.

Translation for validation.yml is based on Laravel translations.