Lightweight utilities for common use cases

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This package contains a set of lightweight utilities for common use cases.

It provides the following extensions to core PHP functionality:

  • Contracts – Some common interfaces for interoperability
  • Class Strings – Many useful string and text functions
  • Class Arrays – Functions to check and manipulate arrays
  • Class DateTime – Advanced class for managing times and dates
  • Class Format – Formatting helpers for dates/times and numbers
  • Class Callback – PHP callback related functions
  • Trait StaticClass – Create purely static classes


Install via Composer

Install Composer if you don't already have it present on your system.

To install the library, run the following command and you will get the latest version:

$ composer require flamecore/common


  • You must have at least PHP version 8.0 installed on your system.


If you discover any security related issues, please email security@flamecore.org instead of using the issue tracker.