Connect Flarum with Matomo analytics

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0.1.0 2022-04-01 00:53 UTC

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Last update: 2024-04-29 04:47:24 UTC


Connects Flarum and Flamarkt to a Matomo Analytics server.

This extension can be used with or without Flamarkt installed.


This extension will follow the future Flamarkt release cycles with possibly a few major 0.x versions during the beta. While this extension probably won't experience any significant change, manual operations might still be required between major versions. For this reason I recommend using the ^ requirement (that's what the command below will use) and not *, so you don't accidentally update without reading this README in the future.

composer require flamarkt/matomo



The extension tracks initial page loads as well as navigation inside the Single Page App.

Additional logic is provided to correctly track page titles. For those pages the tracking happens only after Flarum applies the title to the page instead of immediately after the first render of the component.


The following events are tracked:

Category Action Name
DiscussionComposer Open or Close
ReplyComposer Open or Close <discussion id>
EditPostComposer Open or Close <post id>


The search term is tracked every time a search is performed via Flarum search bar, even if the search page is not open.


Outlinks are tracked on most pages and post content.


Will integrate with Flamarkt in a future version.


This extension is actively supported. Please use the Flarum Discuss discussion to discuss features and report issues.

Please only create GitHub issues for bugs with reliable reproduction steps.