8 admin tools for extension listing, recent pages, pages with layouts, redirects, unused files, images with no alt- or title-tag and links.

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v5.1.2 2023-12-06 15:19 UTC


version 5.1.2

9 admin tools for extensions, pages, (backend) layouts, slug, redirects, files, images and links: extension-list, recent pages and content elements, used (backend) layouts, import redirects, check redirects, delete unused files, show where missing files are used, images with no title/alt-text and linklist.

You find the documentation for this extension at

Version 5.0.0 First version for TYPO3 12 LTS.

Version 5.1.2 New tool: show where missing files are used. Bugfix: show meta-data again in "Show images without title- or alt-text".