8 admin tools for extension listing, recent pages, pages with layouts, redirects, unused files, images with no alt- or title-tag and links.

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v5.0.0 2023-05-25 15:08 UTC


version 5.0.0

8 admin tools for extensions, pages, (backend) layouts, slug, redirects, files, images and links: extension-list, recent pages and content elements, used (backend) layouts, import redirects, check redirects, delete unused files, images with no title and linklist.

You find the documentation for this extension at

Version 4.0: Now for TYPO3 10 and 11. Breaking: realurl action removed!

Version 4.1: New tool: show recently modified pages and content elements. Layout adapted to TYPO3 11. Runs now with PHP 8.1 too. Checking of start- and endtime added.

Version 4.2: New tool: show where (backend) layouts are used. 4 dashboard widgets added. Bugfix for PHP 8.

Version 4.3.0/1 More infos and search in tx_gridelements_backend_layout. Bugfix (for PHP 8).

Version 5.0.0 First version for TYPO3 12 LTS.