A little command helper for laravel artisan

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A little helper for delevopers


Via Composer

$ composer require fitluismacedo/basher


php artisan basher:clean

clear all laravel cache's and regenerate composer executing commands:

  • php artisan cache:clear
  • php artisan route:clear
  • php artisan view:clear
  • php artisan config:clear
  • php artisan clear-compiled
  • composer dump-autoload -o
php artisan basher:push

pushing files to git, type you commit name and branch to push, if branch is empty, content will push to master branch

  • now exec git stash, pull and stash apply before push content
php artisan basher:env [dev|testing|prod|othername]

Set .env params to a desired enviroment, type [envname] after command to re-set values; need a file .env.[envname] to copy params

php artisan basher:revert

Revert files to a specific commit id and force to push content, type [commidID] and [branchname] to continue

php artisan basher:tag

Create a git tag and push content, type [tagname] to continue

php artisan basher:generate

Generate laravel models from mysql connection setted on .env file, type [directory] to generate

  • now can generate one o more tables comma-separated
php artisan basher:ignore

Ignore a file that you do not want to commit, type [filename] with project relative path to use

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$ composer test


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