Logger compatible with PSR-3. Supports writing to files, STDOUT, STDERR, and syslog. Also provides a chain logger which can write to multiple destinations.

2.5.0 2022-09-19 23:48 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-05-20 03:08:56 UTC


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SimpleLogger is a PHP library to write logs.

  • Drivers: Syslog, stdout, stderr and text file
  • Compatible with PSR-3 Standard Logger Interface
  • Requirements: PHP >= 7.2 (older versions may work, but are not tested)
  • Author: Frédéric Guillot, Eric Stern
  • License: MIT

This is a fork from Frédéric Guillot's original SimpleLogger package, which has since been abandoned. I intend to actively maintain this as needed.



composer require firehed/simplelogger


Send log messages to Syslog:


require 'vendor/autoload.php';

// Setup Syslog logging
$logger = new Firehed\SimpleLogger\Syslog('myapp');

// Output to syslog: "Jun  2 15:55:09 hostname myapp[2712]: foobar"

// Output to syslog: "Jun  2 15:55:09 hostname myapp[2712]: Error at /Users/Me/Devel/libraries/simpleLogger/example.php at line 15"
$logger->error('Error at {filename} at line {line}', ['filename' => __FILE__, 'line' => __LINE__]);


$logger = new \Firehed\SimpleLogger\Stdout();


$logger = new \Firehed\SimpleLogger\Stderr();

Text file

Send log messages to a text file:


require 'vendor/autoload.php';

// Setup File logging
$logger = new Firehed\SimpleLogger\File('/tmp/simplelogger.log');

// Output to the file: "[2013-06-02 16:03:28] [info] foobar"

// Output to the file: "[2013-06-02 16:03:28] [error] Error at /Users/fred/Devel/libraries/simpleLogger/example.php at line 24"
$logger->error('Error at {filename} at line {line}', array('filename' => __FILE__, 'line' => __LINE__));

// Dump a variable
$values = array(
    'key' => 'value'

// Output: [2013-06-02 16:05:32] [debug] array (
//  'key' => 'value',
// )

Multiple loggers

Send log messages to multiple loggers:


require 'vendor/autoload.php';

$logger = new Firehed\SimpleLogger\ChainLogger;
$logger->addLogger(new Firehed\SimpleLogger\Syslog('myapp'));
$logger->addLogger(new Firehed\SimpleLogger\File('/tmp/simplelogger.log'));

$logger->info('my message');
$logger->error('my error message');
$logger->error('my error message with a {variable}', ['variable' => 'test']);

Minimum log level for loggers

In this example, only messages with the level >= "error" will be sent to the Syslog handler but everything is sent to the File handler:


require 'vendor/autoload.php';

$syslog = new Firehed\SimpleLogger\Syslog('myapp');
$syslog->setLevel(Psr\Log\LogLevel::ERROR);  // Define the minimum log level

$file = new Firehed\SimpleLogger\File('/tmp/simplelogger.log');

$logger = new Firehed\SimpleLogger\ChainLogger;

$logger->debug('debug info sent only to the text file');
$logger->error('my error message');
$logger->error('my error message with a {variable}', array('variable' => 'test'));

The minimum log level is LogLevel::DEBUG by default.


Starting in 2.1.0, custom message formatting can be configured with the setFormat(string $format) method. The format provided MUST include %s, which is where the actual interpolated message will be placed. Formats MAY include {date} and/or {level}, which are placeholders for the timestamp and log level respectively.

The default format is [{date}] [{level}] %s, which will result in a log message like this:

[2018-06-28T13:32:12+00:00] [debug] query finished in 0.0021688938140869s

The date defaults to ATOM format, but can also be customized via setDateFormat(string $format) using any format string that date() accepts.

Note: at this time, the Syslog logger does not use these formats.

Exception rendering

Starting in 2.4.0, the loggers in this library have the ability to automatically render exceptions when passed to $context in the exception index. To avoid changing existing logging formats, this behavior must be explicitly adopted:


If configured AND $context['exception'] instanceof \Throwable, then the exception will be cast to a string and appended to the end of the message.