Extends the Member Profile page to limit who can register based on their email address

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This module is a simple extension to the SilverStripe Member Profile Pages Module. It adds the ability to limit user registrations to specific domains.

Example use case

Let's say you only want employees of a specific organisation organisation to be able to create a user profile, you can limit registration to users with a email address. Or let's say you only want New Zealand students or their teachers to have an account, you can restrict registrations to users with a * account.

You can define a single allowed domain or many. You can also explictely disallow domains.


This module is not a fork of the Member Profile Pages Module. It's an extension.

Installation Instructions

composer require firebrandhq/domain-specific-memberprofiles

Make sure to run a dev/build after installing the module.

Usage Overview

  1. Create your profile page like you normally would.
  2. Under the Profile > Fields tab, edit the Email profile field. At the bottom of the page, under the Vlaidation header, there should now be a Domain Validation subsection.
  3. In the apropriate textarea field, provide a list of allowed and/or disallowed domains.
  • If you leave a field blank, it will be ignored.
  • If you leave both fields blank, there's not going to be any domain validation on the email.
  • You can use wildcards to whitelist or blacklist subdomains. (e.g.: *
  1. If you want the error message to include the list of allowed or disallowed domains, check Show Domains On Error.
  2. Save your email profile field.

Although not strictly required, you probably want to enable Email Validation for you profile page otherwise users can pretend to have access to a valid email.