Contao 4 Bootstrap Customizer Bundle


This extension allows you to create Bootstrap CSS Themes, which are easy to integrate into your layout.

SCSSPHP does not implenent postprocessors, which are needed to add vendor prefixes. Therefore, we recommend using agoat/autoprefixer.
agoat/autoprefixer works with nodejs only. If you do not have access to nodejs, you can use --prefix-free, which is a requirement in this package.

We also recommend installing contao-bootstrap/bundle.

If you also install fipps/contao-parallax-bundle you'll get an awesome parallax effect for background images based on boostraps animation.



You can add as many colors to your color system as you want.

Vertical Navigation with Responsive Side Menu

We have also added vertical navigation and a side menu, which integrates seamless in you navigation bar.
Only components you want to use are compiled into a css file.
Change colors, margins, borders or breakpoints within your contao backend.

New rudimentary CSS Grid Classes

We'va added some css classes to implement css grid system next to bootstraps flexbox:

  • grid-[1..12] for a grid system with 1 to 12 columns.
    You can use the bootstrap breakpoints like grid-sm-6 for six columns at breakpoint sm and above.
  • grid-square with style='aspect-ratio: cols/rows' for a square gridsystem. The aspect ration defines how many cols amd rows the element should take.
    <div class="grid-4 grid-square">
      <div style="aspect-ratio: 1/2"
          <div>This element is 1 col width and 2 rows high</div>
      <div style="aspect-ratio: 2/1"
          <div>This element is 2 col width and 1 rows high</div>
      <div style="aspect-ratio: 2/2"
          <div>This element is 2 col width and 2 rows high</div>
  • grid-flow-[c|r|d|cd|rd] to control the flow behaviour (you can use breakpoints like grid-md-flow-c):
    • c: column
    • r: row
    • d: dense
    • cd: column dense
    • rd: row dense

Now create your own Bootstrap theme and select the theme within your layout.
Check either autoprefix or prefixfree.


We changed the spacing: 5: 2 x $spacer (in Boostrap 3 x $spacer) 6: 3 x $spacer (new)


We've changed to Bootstrap 4.3 with some new components (toasts and spinners).
This ist still a work in progress. Define spacing

Have fun!!