Demo for creating GraphQL types in GraphiCMS

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This package is the code from the documentation of GraphiCMS "Basic GraphQL CRUD". You just require it in your project and you automatically

  • have a new scheme "todos"
  • have three new types
    • ToDoItem (id, list, task, done)
    • ToDoItemInput (task, done)
    • ToDoList (id, code, todos)
  • have the following queries and migrations
    • todoList - returns a ToDoList
    • createTodoList - creates and returns a ToDoList
    • addTask - adds and returns a new Task on a ToDoList
    • markTaskAs - a simple operation to mark a task as done:true or false
    • editTask - Edit the task by id using the ToDoItemInput type
    • deleteTask - delete a task and return a boolean that indicates if it was deleted
    • deleteList - delete a ToDoList and return a boolean that indicates if it was deleted


You can install the package via composer:

composer require filipac/graphi-demo-graphql-todos


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