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The PHP SDK provides convenient API access to applications written in PHP.


Install Composer. See for more info.

If composer.phar is already available, skip this step.

curl -sS | php

Install the SDK

php composer.phar require


  • PHP 5.5+
  • php-curl extension


Import and initialize

    require 'vendor/autoload.php';

    // set your subdomain or custom domain


There are multiple ways to authenticate to the API.

Global API Key

You can set an API key globally like this:


Per-Request API Key

Or, you can pass an API key per-request, in the options array at the end of every method like this:

    $user = new \Files\Model\User($params, array('api_key' => 'my-api-key'));

User Session

Or, you can open a user session by calling \Files\Model\Session::create()

    $session = \Files\Model\Session::create(['username' => $username, 'password' => $password]);

Then use it globally for all subsequent API calls like this:


Or, you can pass the session ID per-request, in the options array at the end of every method like this:

    $user = new \Files\Model\User($params, array('session_id' => $session->id));
Session example
    $session = \Files\Model\Session::create(['username' => $myUsername, 'password' => $myPassword]);

    // do something
    \Files\Model\ApiKey::all(['user_id' => 0]);

    // clean up when done

Setting Global Options

You can set the following global properties directly on the \Files\Files class:

  • \Files\Files::$logLevel - set to one of the following:
    • \Files\LogLevel::NONE
    • \Files\LogLevel::ERROR
    • \Files\LogLevel::WARN
    • \Files\LogLevel::INFO (default)
    • \Files\LogLevel::DEBUG
  • \Files\Files::$debugRequest - enable debug logging of API requests (default: false)
  • \Files\Files::$debugResponseHeaders - enable debug logging of API response headers (default: false)
  • \Files\Files::$connectTimeout - network connect timeout in seconds (default: 30.0)
  • \Files\Files::$readTimeout - network read timeout in seconds (default: 90.0)
  • \Files\Files::$maxNetworkRetries - max retries (default: 3)
  • \Files\Files::$minNetworkRetryDelay - minimum delay in seconds before retrying (default: 0.5)
  • \Files\Files::$maxNetworkRetryDelay - max delay in seconds before retrying (default: 1.5)
  • \Files\Files::$autoPaginate - auto-fetch all pages when results span multiple pages (default: true)

Static File Operations

List files in root folder

    $rootFiles = \Files\Model\Folder::listFor('/');

Uploading a file on disk

    \Files\Model\File::uploadFile($destinationFileName, $sourceFilePath);

Uploading raw file data

    \Files\Model\File::uploadData($destinationFileName, $fileData);

Download a file to stream

    \Files\Model\File::downloadToStream($remoteFilePath, $outputStream);

Download a file to disk

    // download entire file - with retries enabled
    \Files\Model\File::downloadToFile($remoteFilePath, $localFilePath);

    // partially download - just the first KB
    \Files\Model\File::partialDownloadToFile($remoteFilePath, $localFilePath, 0, 1023);

    // resume an incomplete download
    \Files\Model\File::resumeDownloadToFile($remoteFilePath, $localFilePath);

Getting a file record by path

    $foundFile = \Files\Model\File::find($remoteFilePath);

File Object Operations

Getting a file record by path

    $file = new \Files\Model\File();
Updating metadata
      'provided_mtime' => '2000-01-01T01:00:00Z',
      'priority_color' => 'red',
Retrieving metadata
      'with_previews' => true,
      'with_priority_color' => true,

Comparing Case insensitive files and paths

For related documentation see Case Sensitivity Documentation.

    if(\Files\Util\PathUtil::same("Fïłèńämê.Txt", "filename.txt")) {
        echo "Paths are the same\n";

Additional Documentation

Additional docs are available at

Getting Support

The team is happy to help with any SDK Integration challenges you may face.

Just email and we'll get the process started.