Template Engine, XML-centric and attribute-driven

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FigDice is a templating engine for PHP. It differs from most of the popular template systems, in the way the presentation data are made available to templates: instead of pushing the data from Controller to View, you build Views that pull the data they need.


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Presentation and Tutorial:


  • Fast, easy and powerful Template Engine
  • XML syntax for your Templates: you gain built-in validation
  • Instructions are extended attributes inside your HTML tags: you can display your templates WYSIWYG in your browser/editor
  • Manipulate your data with the help of a simple and powerful expression parser
  • Built-in i18n, using keys/values from cached XML dictionaries
  • Inclusions, loops, conditions, with a non-intrusive syntax inside the document
  • No programming required, for the Template designers
  • Hermetic separation between the application's layers (Presentation / Logics)
  • Inversion of control: the Templates pull the data on-demand. The controllers need not know the templates by heart beforehand


Add the figdice dependency to the require section of your composer.json file:

"figdice/figdice": "~3.x-dev"

Getting Started

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See Wiki for more details.