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For details on PSR-2-R see fig-rectified-standards.

Full documentation @ /docs/.


This tool is not used/maintained anymore. Please use the sniffer which can both detect and fix cs issues as well as tokenize PHP files.


This uses FriendsOfPHP/PHP-CS-Fixer. It can detect and fix some issues automatically and is ideal for integration into the IDE.


You can use PSR-2-R by default. Create your own .phpcs configuration in the root directory of your project. You can copy-and-paste this one and adjust the path to the psr2r standard definition:

$finder = Symfony\CS\Finder\DefaultFinder::create()
	->exclude('vendor') // add anything you want to omit

return require_once('vendor/fig-r/psr2r-fixer/.php_cs_psr2r');

In case you want to further modify it assign it to a variable and then you can continue to work on the returned object, before finally returning it.


You can now run it from your root directory as

vendor/bin/php-cs-fixer fix

It will automatically pull your config (confirm that by looking for that info in the first line when starting the fixer).

Of course you can also use any of the custom fixers in this repo in your config, or extend/modify them as you like.

->addCustomFixer(new \Psr2rFixer\Fixer\NoSpacesCastFixer())