Symfony Filesystem with a few more utilities.

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1.2.1 2023-12-10 13:29 UTC

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Last update: 2024-04-04 10:46:40 UTC


This is a tiny wrapper around the Symfony filesystem. It provides:

  • A new class FileSystem (extending the Symfony one) which has a few more methods.
  • A FS static class for when you are not interested of using dependency injection for your filesystem layer.
  • A PHPUnit FileSystemTestCase which lets you easily write a file-system dependent test.


An example of PHPUnit test:

<?php declare(strict_types=1);

namespace App;

use Fidry\FileSystem\FS;
use Fidry\FileSystem\Test\FileSystemTestCase;
use PHPUnit\Framework\Attributes\CoversClass;
use Symfony\Component\Finder\Finder;
use function getenv;
use function is_string;

final class MyAppFileSystemTest extends FileSystemTestCase
    public static function getTmpDirNamespace(): string
        // This is to make it thread safe with Infection. If you are not using
        // infection or do not need thread safety, this can return a constant
        // string, e.g. your project/library name.
        $threadId = getenv('TEST_TOKEN');

        if (!is_string($threadId)) {
            $threadId = '';

        return 'MyApp'.$threadId;

    public function test_it_works(): void
        // This file is dumped into a temporary directory. Here
        // something like '/private/var/folders/p3/lkw0cgjj2fq0656q_9rd0mk80000gn/T/MyApp/MyAppFileSystemTest10000'
        // on OSX. 
        FS::dumpFile('file1', '');
        $files = Finder::create()

        self::assertSame(['file1'], $this->normalizePaths($files));


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