Unofficial FPDF library with PSR-0 compliant, clean and readable code.

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1.7.2 2015-02-11 20:42 UTC

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Last update: 2022-06-23 05:06:01 UTC


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Unofficial FPDF library with PSR-4 compliant, clean and readable code

This is version 1.7.2 with some changes:

  • The library is namespaced in Fpdf
  • directory structure follow the PSR-4 standard with src/Fpdf as root
  • Class constructor is renamed __construct instead of FPDF
  • FPDF_VERSION is now Fpdf\Fpdf::VERSION
  • on error a Fpdf\Exception is thrown instead on lib dramatically die()ing
  • Refactor all method in camelCase (It's breaks backward compatibility).
  • Rebuild documentations and tutorials.
  • Complete testunit.

Installing with composer

The package exists in the packagist repository as feryardiant/fpdf.

$ composer require feryardiant/fpdf --prefer-dist


phpunit -c tests/phpunit.xml


Original Author: Olivier PLATHEY

FPDF Version: 1.7