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use rules Sitemaps XML format for the generate sitemap


Bundle uses Composer, please checkout the composer website for more information.

The simple following command will install sitemap-bundle into your project. It also add a new entry in your composer.json and update the composer.lock as well.

composer require fdevs/sitemap-bundle

add to your app/AppKernel.php


use Symfony\Component\HttpKernel\Kernel;
use Symfony\Component\Config\Loader\LoaderInterface;

class AppKernel extends Kernel
     * {@inheritdoc}
    public function registerBundles()
        $bundles = [
            new FDevs\SitemapBundle\FDevsSitemapBundle(),

        return $bundles;


This bundle is under the MIT license. See the complete license in the bundle:


Reporting an issue or a feature request

Issues and feature requests are tracked in the Github issue tracker.

When reporting a bug, it may be a good idea to reproduce it in a basic project built using the Symfony Standard Edition to allow developers of the bundle to reproduce the issue by simply cloning it and following some steps.

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