A purely static UTF8 Helper based on mb_string and ext-intl

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A purely static UTF-8 Helper based on mb_string and ext-intl

For sure this is not new, and there is better out there, but this is small and does the job without a lot of noise


Utf8 can be installed using composer:

composer require "fab2s/utf8"

Utf8 is also included in OpinHelper which packages several bellow "Swiss Army Knife" level Helpers covering some of the most annoying aspects of php programing, such as UTF8 string manipulation, high precision Mathematics or properly locking a file

Should you need to work with php bellow 7.1, you can still use OpinHelper 0.x


Utf8 requires mb_string, ext-intl is auto detected and used when available for UTF-8 Normalization

In practice

Utf8 offers replacement for most native string functions with support for UTF-8:

  • Utf8::strrpos(string string $str, string $needle, int $offset = null):int|false

    UTF-8 aware strrpos() replacement

  • Utf8::strpos(string $str, string $needle, int $offset = 0):int|false

    UTF-8 aware strpos() replacement

  • Utf8::strtolower(string $str):string

    UTF-8 aware strtolower() replacement

  • Utf8::strtoupper(string $str):string

    UTF-8 aware strtoupper() replacement

  • Utf8::substr(string $str, int $offset, int $length = null):string

    UTF-8 aware substr() replacement

  • Utf8::strlen(string $str):int

    UTF-8 aware strlen() replacement

  • Utf8::ucfirst(string $str):string

    UTF-8 aware ucfirst() replacement

  • Utf8::ucwords(string $str):string

    UTF-8 aware ucwords() replacement

  • Utf8::ord(string $chr):int|false

    UTF-8 aware ord() replacement

  • Utf8::chr(int $num):string|false

    UTF-8 aware chr() replacement

And some simple utility methods:

  • Utf8::normalize(string $string, int $canonicalForm = self::NORMALIZE_NFC):string

    UTF-8 ext-intl Normalizer

    WARNING: This method will do nothing in case ext-intl is not installed on the host This means it is up to you to make sure about it using Utf8::normalizerSupport or by adding ext-intl as a requirement to your project's composer.json file

  • Utf8::hasUtf8(string $string):bool

    Tells if the input string contains some UTF-8

  • Utf8::isUtf8(string $string):bool

    Tells if the input string is valid UTF-8

  • Utf8::replaceMb4(string $string, string $replace = ''):string

    Replaces all Utf8Mb4 characters (aka mostly emoji)

  • Utf8::normalizerSupport(bool $disable = false):bool

    Tells if Normalizer is available or disable Normalizer support


Utf8 is tested against php 7.1, 7.2, 7.3 and 7.4


Contributions are welcome, do not hesitate to open issues and submit pull requests.


Utf8 is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license