Unit testing for lazy people

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Unit testing for lazy people. When it is simple, it gets done.

I developed this tool because phpunit is very verbose and there is a lot of writing to do for almost everything you wish to test. This may be suitable for large organizations, but many projects are really small.

A minimal example test;


// The simplest tests are for something "truthy":
F2\assert(file_exists(__DIR__.'/../composer.lock'), "Did you delete composer.lock?");

// Exceptions and errors can be tested inside a closure:
F2\expect(\Exception::class, function() {

    $api = new SomeAPI();

}, "Expected an exception");

F2\expect(E_NOTICE, function() {




It's a composer package... Use --dev to avoid loading asserty in your production environment.

# composer require --dev f2/asserty

Writing a test

Create a file ./tests/001-example-tests.php


use function F2/asserty, F2/expect;

 * These will not cause errors and will not output anything

// All are truthy
asserty(1 > 0);                             
asserty(is_string("Asserty is simple"));
asserty(![], "Empty arrays are falsey, so this is fine");

// Optional error description
asserty(true, 'Something is really wrong here...');

// Optional exit code
asserty(true, 'Something is really wrong here...', 10);

 * These will cause errors

// Unless you specify null as the exit code, the tests will stop after the first error is encountered
asserty(false, "False is considered an error condition", null);

asserty([], "Empty arrays are falsey", null);

Run ALL tests in ./tests/

# ./vendor/bin/asserty

## Run a single test

php tests/001-my-tests.php


## Quick example

Create a test.php file:

<?php require('vendor/autoload.php'); use function F2\asserty; asserty("A" > "O", "In this land; Alpha is greater than Omega");

Run the file:

$ php test.php [F2\asserty] In this land, Alpha is greater than Omega

## Batch testing

f2/asserty comes with a command line tool for doing batch testing.

$ ./vendor/bin/asserty

The command will then look for a folder named 'tests/' in the current
directory and start iterating over all php files there.

$ ./vendor/bin/asserty [ERROR] tests/asserty-failed.php | [F2\asserty] In this land, Alpha is greater than Omega [OK] tests/nothing-wrong.php | Good job! [ERROR] tests/sub-folder/foo.php | PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected end of file in /var/www/fubber2/PACKAGES/asserty/tests/sub-folder/foo.php on line 3 [F2\asserty] There were 2 mistakes

## Exit Codes

Asserty will emit non-zero exit codes if tests fail, so with some
shell scripting you can easily automate stuff.

To execute a command if testing succeeds:

$ ./vendor/bin/asserty && echo "FOUL PLAY"

To execute a command if everything as perfect:

$ ./vendor/bin/asserty || echo "Good"