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Fluent repository query builder for eZ Publish 5

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This bundle for eZ Publish, the open-source CMS platform, provides a PHP API dedicated to fluently writing repository queries. It is built to provide accurate and contextually relevant code completion as long as a rich PHP IDE is used (tested with PhpStorm, Eclipse and NetBeans, works out of the box on all).

Status: prototype

This bundle is provided as is. It is currently a working proof of concept:

  • most metadata criteria will work (parentLocationId, contentTypeIdentifier, dateModified...)
  • most metadata based sorting will work
  • test coverage is quite high now, but quite a couple features aren't tested or working yet.


From your eZ Publish 5 installation, run composer require ezsystems/query-builder-bundle:dev-master. Register the bundle in `ezpublish/EzPublishKernel.php:

    public function registerBundles()
        $bundles = array(
            new FrameworkBundle(),
            // [...]
            new NelmioCorsBundle(),
            new EzSystems\QueryBuilderBundle\EzSystemsQueryBuilderBundle()

Testing out the prototype

A command is available that can be used to test the builder: php ezpublish/console query-builder:test. It will execute the query written in vendor/ezsystems/query-builder-bundle/EzSystems/QueryBuilderBundle/Command/QueryBuilderTestCommand.php, and print out the results as a table.

You can play with it, and test the various methods.


The builder is obtained from the Symfony2 service container. The fluent API is used to configure the query's options, and the eZ\Publish\API\Values\Content\Query object is obtained by using getQuery():

/** @var \EzSystems\QueryBuilderBundle\eZ\Publish\API\QueryBuilder */
$queryBuilder = $container->get( 'ezpublish.api.query_builder' );

// Filter on articles within sections #6 & #7 that have 'query' in their 'title' field, sorted by name
in an ascending order:

    ->contentTypeIdentifier()->eq( 'article' )
    ->sectionId()->in( 6, 7 )
    ->textLineField( 'title' )->contains( 'CMS' )

// Get the query
$query = $queryBuilder->getQuery();

// Run the query using the search service
$results = $container->get( 'ezpublish.api.service.search' )->find( $query );


This bundle is under GPL v2.0 license.