External assets dependencies for PlatformUIBundle

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Build Status

The PlatformUIAssetsBundle provides the external frontend dependencies needed by the eZ Platform UI. The master branch only contains some meta files, the actual dependencies are only available in the tags.

Install dependencies for dev use

For local dev use (testing newer bower.json dependencies, ..) make sure you have bower installed and run the following:

$ bower install

and follow the instructions.

Release a new version

Just run the prepare_release.sh script:

$ ./bin/prepare_release.sh -v 0.10

and follow the instructions.

NOTE: As of 4.0 the script also takes a -b argument to specify branch to build, e.g. -b 4.0.

Testing / Developer tasks

Testing of this lib can be done from PlatformUIBundle, see PlatformUIBundle/README.md for further instructions.