Shopping Cart(s) for TYPO3 - Payone Payment Provider

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Cart Payone

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Cart is a small but powerful extension which "solely" adds a shopping cart to your TYPO3 installation. Cart Payone is a payment provider.

1. Features

  • Redirects customer to Payone for payment.

2. Installation

Installation using Composer

The recommended way to install the extension is by using Composer. In your Composer based TYPO3 project root, just do composer require extcode/cart-payone.

Installation as extension from TYPO3 Extension Repository (TER)

Download and install the extension with the extension manager module.

3. Administration

3.1 Compatibility and supported Versions

Cart Payone Cart TYPO3 PHP Support/Development
3.x.x 7.2.0 10.4 7.2 - 7.4 Features, Bugfixes, Security Updates
2.x.x 6.3.0 9.5 7.2 - 7.4 Features, Bugfixes, Security Updates
1.x.x 5.3.0 8.7 7.0 - 7.4 Features, Bugfixes

3.2. Changelog

Please have a look into the official extension documentation in changelog chapter

3.3. Release Management

News uses semantic versioning which basically means for you, that

  • bugfix updates (e.g. 1.0.0 => 1.0.1) just includes small bugfixes or security relevant stuff without breaking changes.
  • minor updates (e.g. 1.0.0 => 1.1.0) includes new features and smaller tasks without breaking changes.
  • major updates (e.g. 1.0.0 => 2.0.0) breaking changes wich can be refactorings, features or bugfixes.

4. Sponsoring