Generator for generic arrays (vector, map)

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According to this article which shows how to create strictly typed arrays and collections in Php7, php-strict-array was born.

There is some discusion about generic in Php but who knows when it comes to us.

It is not exacly what you know from Java or C++ where generic looks like array<bool>() or array<string, \Foo\User>().

Here strict arrays looks like array_int_, array_bool_ and array_string_and_float_ so I hope when they come to nativ Php all what you need to do will be:

  1. Replace all new array_User, new array_string_and_array_object__ to array<User>, array<string, array<object>>.

Now you do not have to validate array from user inside your packages:

function foo(array $users)
    foreach ($users as $user) {
        if (!$user instanceof User) {
            thorw new \InvalidArgumentException();


Your code can be much simpler:

function foo(array_User_ $users)


composer require eXtalion/php-strict-array

Base strict arrays

Some base arrays are generated:

  • array_array_,
  • array_bool_,
  • array_callable_,
  • array_float_,
  • array_int_,
  • array_iterable_,
  • array_object_,
  • array_string_,
  • array_string_and_array_,
  • array_string_and_bool_,
  • array_string_and_callable_,
  • array_string_and_float_,
  • array_string_and_int_,
  • array_string_and_iterable_,
  • array_string_and_object_,
  • array_string_and_string_.

Create new strict array


vendor/bin/php-sa [path/to/arrays-dir]

and answer to fee questions. Without path/to/arrays-dir code will be display to STDOUT.

It's "normal" array

There are some array functions which works with strict arrays:

  • sarray_filter,
  • sarray_key_exists,
  • sarray_keys,
  • sarray_search,
  • sarray_values.