An icing on top of the Symfony serializer cake

0.1.5 2020-01-17 17:27 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2020-02-17 17:46:33 UTC


A mostly opinionated bundle which aims to ease creation of efficient API servers with the Symfony serializer, while trying to stay lightweight.

How to use?

  1. Make sure you have a Symfony 3.* or 4.* project, with the Serializer component, and the Doctrine ORM ;
  2. Run composer require exsyst/normalizer-extra-bundle in your project ;
  3. Add a section to your project configuration to choose the features you want to use (see below) ;
  4. Further customize and/or extend the bundle's behavior if you want (documentation will come later) ;
  5. Start (de)serializing things!

Features and default configuration

The only features that are enabled by default are the ones that :

  • Are inert on their own, or ;
  • Define a reasonable, unopinionated behavior for cases that were completely unsupported.
    # Makes $request->request able to access the request body in the
    # Content-Type: application/json case. Enabled by default.
    json_request_parser: true

    # Parses a JSON document in a header named "Response-Shape",
    # into a request attribute named "shape". Enabled by default.
    response_shape_header: true

    # Allows a controller to return an object or null and have it
    # automatically turned into a Response. Disabled by default.
    serializer_view_listener: false

    # Allows a controller to throw a HttpException and have it
    # automatically turned into a Response. Disabled by default.
    serializer_exception_listener: false

    # A normalizer geared towards Doctrine collections, which also
    # supports most iterables (though in a limited way).
    # Disabled by default.
    collection: false

    # A meta-normalizer that can generate fast normalizers for most
    # classes, and delegate to them. Disabled by default.
    specializing: false
    # Always use a breadth-first normalization algorithm, that can
    # optimize initialization operations by batching them.
    # Some normalizers may be incompatible. Disabled by default.
    implicit_breadth_first: false

    # Automatically provides metadata consumers with information
    # obtained by using Symfony's PropertyInfo component and serializer
    # metadata, Doctrine's mappings, and annotations. Enabled by default.
    auto_metadata: true
    # Optimizes Doctrine collection initializations by batching them.
    # Disabled by default.
    collection_batching: false

    # Optimizes Doctrine entity proxy initializations by batching them.
    # Disabled by default.
    entity_batching: false