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"laravel-admin-oauth" is an extension package for laravel-admin and login using oauth.




  • PHP >= 7.0.0
  • Laravel >= 5.5.0
  • laravel-admin >= 1.5.0
  • Laravel Socialite >=3.0.0


First, install laravel 5.5, and install laravel-admin 1.5, and make sure that the database connection settings are correct.

Second, finish laravel-admin command "php artisan admin:install". Please read this url. laravel-admin

After, install laravel-admin-oauth. *Now preparing composer.

composer require exceedone/laravel-admin-oauth

Then run these commands to publish assets and config:

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Exceedone\LaravelAdminOauth\AdminOauthServiceProvider"

At last run following command to finish install.

php artisan adminoauth:install



This application uses the Laravel Socialite package. please set up Socialite.

    'google' => [
        'client_id'     => 'XXXXXXX.apps.googleusercontent.com',
        'client_secret' => 'YYYYYYY',
        'redirect'      => 'http://localhost/admin/auth/login/callback/google',
    'facebook' => [
        'client_id'     => '123456789',
        'client_secret' => '1112223334445555666',
        'redirect'      => 'http://localhost/admin/auth/login/callback/facebook',
    'github' => [
        'client_id'     => 'ABCDEFGH',
        'client_secret' => 'abcdefghijklmn',
        'redirect'      => 'http://localhost/admin/auth/login/callback/github',
        'user_name_key' => 'nickname',

Please write "client_id" "client_secret". "redirect" is the URL http(s)://(your admin url)/auth/login/callback/(provider_name)

Now writing about option setting.

Setting Laravl Admin Oauth

return [
      * use default login.
      * if "true", show default login form.
      * if "false", hide default login form. only show oauth provider buttons.
    'use_dafault_login' => true,

      * if user accesses login page, redirect provider's login page.
      * if "true", use first item of "adminoauth.login_providers".
    'automatic_loginpage_provider' => false,

     * showing OAuth provider list for login
    'login_providers' => ['google', 'facebook', 'github'],

"login_providers" is list of oauth signin providers. please write the same name in "config/services.php".


laravel-admin-oauth is alpha version. I'm developing now, so this laravel-admin-oauth has a lot of tasks.