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Simple Symfony2 Bundle to work with pages

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dev-master 2014-03-13 13:39 UTC

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Simple Symfony2 Bundle to work with static pages.


This manual assumes that you're already using composer for your symfony installation and package management.

If not, you really should. Nevertheless it won't be a problem for you to install bundle using deps file or git submodule.

Step 1. Add bundle to your composer.json file

    "require": {
        "evercodelab/evercode-page-bundle" : "dev-master"

Step 2. Register the bundle in your app/AppKernel.php

// app/AppKernel.php

public function registerBundles()
    $bundles = array(
        // ...
        new Evercode\Bundle\PageBundle\EvercodePageBundle(),
    // ...

Step 3. Register bundle's routes in app/config.routing.yml

    resource: "@EvercodePageBundle/Controller/"
    type:     annotation
    prefix:   /

Step 4. Update your database schema to map your new Page entity.

$ php app/console doctrine:schema:update --force