Twig Namespaces for Pattern Lab

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Twig Namespaces Plugin for Pattern Lab

This adds namespaces to Twig in Pattern Lab.


To add this plugin to your project using Composer type:

composer require evanlovely/plugin-twig-namespaces

See Packagist for information on the latest release.


In config.yml, add this:

    enabled: true
      - ../root1
      - ../root2
        recursive: true
          - ../bar
          - ../baz

Paths are relative to composer.json and vendor/ in the same directory as the config directory (not config file). Assuming this folder structure

  • pattern-lab/
    • config/
      • config.yml
    • composer.json
  • root1/
    • 01-mountains/
      • hood.twig
    • 02-rivers
      • sandy.twig
  • bar/
    • item1.twig
    • subdir/
      • subitem1.twig
  • baz/
    • item2.twig

You could now use this in Twig:

{% include "@mountains/hood.twig" %}
{% include "@rivers/sandy.twig" %}
{@ include "@foo/item1.twig" %}
{@ include "@foo/subitem1.twig" %}
{@ include "@foo/item2.twig" %}

You can use either the roots or the namespaces approach without the other. The roots approach is how Pattern Lab registers the namespaces of all folders under source/_patterns/ like @atoms and is therefore useful for including files from other Pattern Labs (watch out for namespace collisions - i.e. you can only have one @atoms). And the namespaces approach is how the Drupal Component Libraries module registers Twig namespaces, though it could also be used to register the core modules template files in Pattern Lab so you could {% extend "@blocks/block.html.twig" %} if you'd like. If using namespaces and you set recursive: true, then it will add all sub directories.

Also, you can set twigNamespaces.readFromFile to a path to a JSON or Yaml file and it will read those contents and use it in place of twigNamespaces.namespaces.

Disabling the Plugin

To disable the plugin you can either directly edit ./config/config.yml or use the command line option:

php core/console --config --set plugins.twigNamespaces.enabled=false

Happy Pattern Labbing!