A minimalist ZF2 module for adding markdown support to Zend Framework 2 projects

0.2.0 2014-04-16 12:04 UTC


Version 0.0.1 Created by Evan Coury


This ZF2 module simply adds Markdown support to your project. It utilizes the PHP Markdown library written by Michel Fortin which is a PHP port of the original perl implementation by John Gruber.


To install EdpMarkdown, simply recursively clone this repository (git clone --recursive) into your ZF2 modules directory and enable it in your config/application.config.php file. That's it!


With this module installed, using Markdown in your view scripts is easy:

<?= $this->markdown('Hello, **this** is _Markdown_!'); ?>

NOTE: For security purposes, the output SHOULD be sanitized if the Markdown is from an untrusted source. (@padraic says so!) See the Markdown documentation on inline HTML to understand why this is necessary.


TODO: Create simple way to toggle to the 'extra' parser.


EdpMarkdown is released under the New BSD license. See the included LICENSE file.

PHP Markdown is available under the New BSD or the GNU GPL v2.