EUROTEXT Translation Manager for Magento2

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translationMANAGER for Magento 2

This repository contains the core package for It is not only installable via the Magento Marketplace (link follows soon) but also with composer (via packagist)


Read the documentation in its latest state.


The translationMANAGER packages use the API Client, the core (this repository) and a bunch of additional components for products, categories and eav attributes.

API Client

The API Client can be used separately to create a connector from any system to the Eurotext API:


The following components are currently available:

Magento 1

If you need the translationMANAGER for Magento 1 you'll find additional information and its marketplace entry


If you want to get in touch, feel free to contact us:

Eurotext AG
Schürerstraße 3
97080 Würzburg