EthicalJobs API client

v1.1.1 2019-04-08 00:57 UTC


composer require ethical-jobs/ethical-jobs-sdk

For Laravel < 5.5.x include the service provider and facade in you config/app.php file EthicalJobs\SDK\Laravel\ServiceProvider::class, 'EthicalJobs' => EthicalJobs\SDK\Laravel\ApiFacade::class,. For Laravel >= 5.5.x the package will auto-include the service provider and facade.


You will need to set 4 environment variables to enable authentication:

    "AUTH_CLIENT_ID": "The client id of the oauth grant",
    "AUTH_CLIENT_SECRET": "The client secret of the oauth grant",
    "AUTH_SERVICE_USERNAME": "Username or email of the user",
    "AUTH_SERVICE_PASSWORD": "Base64 encoded password of the user",

Authentication is made using oauth2 and JWT tokens are returned and attached to headers as bearer tokens. The grant type is a password grant and thus its attached to a user model and thus the users access rights and roles.

Making Requests

There are many ways to access api resources, following are some examples:

// GET /jobs
EthicalJobs::get('/jobs', ['status' => 'APPROVED']);

// GET /jobs/drafts
EthicalJobs::get('/jobs/drafts', ['status' => 'APPROVED']);

// GET /jobs/214

// GET /jobs { status: APPROVED, expired: false }

// GET /jobs { expired: true }

// POST /jobs { ... }
EthicalJobs::post('/jobs', ['title' => 'React Developer', 'description' => 'We are looking for...']);


Responses are returned as Illuminate\Support\Collections if there are no results an empty collection is returned.

In the future the results will be returned from an extended EthicalJobs\SDK\Collection class with helper functions to select results from our normalized api responses.