Sqlite and spatialite static binaries

0.0.16 2018-04-15 10:31 UTC


  • Windows x32 and Linux x64 binaries
  • PHP shell wrapper driver
  • PHP native wrapper driver


SpatiaLite is an open source library intended to extend the SQLite core to support fully fledged Spatial SQL capabilities. SQLite is intrinsically simple and lightweight:

  • a single lightweight library implementing the full SQL engine
  • standard SQL implementation: almost complete SQL-92
  • no complex client/server architecture
  • a whole database simply corresponds to a single monolithic file (no size limits)
  • any DB-file can be safely exchanged across different platforms, because the internal architecture is universally portable
  • no installation, no configuration

SpatiaLite is smoothly integrated into SQLite to provide a complete and powerful Spatial DBMS (mostly OGC-SFS compliant). Using SQLite + SpatiaLite you can effectively deploy an alternative open source Spatial DBMS roughly equivalent to PostgreSQL + PostGIS.

SpatiaLite is licensed under the MPL tri-license terms; you are free to choose the best-fit license between:


composer require "eslider/spatialite"


composer update


In order to get native driver work, you need set absolute path of sqlite3.extension_dir variable in php.ini file to the bin/x64 directory, where can be found.


sqlite3.extension_dir = /var/www/project_name/vendor/eslider/spatialite/bin/x64/mod_spatialite


PHP Unit test command:

bin/phpunit tests

By the first time tests creates an spatialite.sqlite file in the project directory. The file has geometries and spatial functions. This initial process take some time (>1 min). Next time tests runs faster.


Spatialite data management GUI

wine spatialite_gui.exe