Scabbia PHP Framework (1.x branch)

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1.5.1 2016-01-02 16:31 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2022-07-08 17:36:48 UTC


Scabbia Framework is an open source PHP framework project under GPL license. It had been under development by Eser Ozvataf for 2 years and reached version 1.5 on stable branch. Its active development is frozen but small bugfixes will be available in time.


Step 1:

On Terminal or Command Prompt:

git clone project

Alternatively Scabbia Skeleton package can be downloaded directly.

Step 2:

cd project
php scabbia update

Step 3:

Make application/writable and application/locale directories writable.

chmod 0777 -R application/writable
chmod 0777 -R application/locale

Step 4:

Open application/config/datasources.json file to update the database configuration parameters.

a sample mysql database configuration:

    "datasourceList": [
            "id":           "dbconn",
            "interface":    "pdo",
            "persistent":   true,
            "overrideCase": "natural",
            "pdoString":    "mysql:host=localhost;dbname=project",
            "username":     "root",
            "password":     "123456",
            "initCommand":  "SET NAMES utf8",
            "errors":       "exception"


** Skeleton application auto-installs this requirement with other dependencies.


  • psr/log: PSR-3 Logger Interface (
  • facebook/php-sdk: Facebook PHP SDK
  • dflydev/markdown: Markdown Parser
  • mustache/mustache: Mustache Parser
  • trekksoft/potomoco: gettext compiler
  • leafo/lessphp: LESS compiler

Bundled Components

  • fonts/KabobExtrabold.ttf
  • twitter/bootstrap
  • twitter/hogan
  • twitter/typeahead
  • introjs
  • jquery
  • cleditor
  • flot
  • jquery.maskedinput
  • jquery.tablesorter
  • jquery.validation
  • laroux.js
  • mapbox
  • normalize.css
  • reset.css

Optional PHP Extensions

  • curl: http communication
  • gd: image manipulation
  • gettext: translation
  • intl: i18n features
  • mbstring: multibyte string manipulation
  • memcache: caching features
  • mongo: mongodb support
  • soap: soap protocol
  • sockets: socket communication
  • tokenizer: lexical analysis



It is publicly open for any contribution. Bugfixes, new features and extra modules are welcome. All contributions should be filed on the eserozvataf/scabbia1 repository.

  • To contribute to code: Fork the repo, push your changes to your fork, and submit a pull request.
  • To report a bug: If something does not work, please report it using GitHub issues.
  • To support: Donate