A Laravel package that integrates Glide for easily manage medias on your project.

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A Laravel package that integrates [Glide]( and easy media management on your Laravel project.

    <img src="{{ $product->present->picture(500, 300, 'crop') }}" alt="Easy media management">

Version Compatibility

Laravel Laramedias
5.5.x 5.6.x
5.4.x 0.6.x
5.4.x 0.5.x
5.3.x 0.4.x
5.2.x 0.3.x
5.1.x 0.2.x


Via Composer:

$ composer require escapework/laramedias:"0.7.*"


And execute the following code:

$ php artisan vendor:publish --provider="EscapeWork\LaraMedias\Providers\MediasServiceProvider"
$ php artisan migrate

Configurations explained:

'disk' => null, // if you dont want to use filesystems.default disk config, change it here...
                // ...for saving on another disk

'max_size' => [
    'width'  => 2000, // when creating medias, the images will be resized to this max_size...
    'height' => 2000, // ...for reducing disk usage

'url'  => 'medias',  // if you want to change the laravel glide medias URL
'dir'  => 'medias',  // if you want to change the default directory where the medias are saved
'path' => 'general', // if you want to change the directory where the multipleMedias are saved (you will undestand this later)


This package allows you to easily use medias with your laravel models. There are two basic ways to use:

One model has multiple medias

Let's say you have a Product model that need to have multiple medias. You have to do this:

  • Import the following trait in your model;
use EscapeWork\LaraMedias\Traits\Medias;

class Product extends Model

    use Medias;

Now, you can do this:

Upload and create multiple medias:
Interate through your medias

The $product->medias will be a default Laravel collection of EscapeWork\LaraMedias\Models\Media models which you can use any of the collection methods available.

@foreach ($product->medias as $media)
    <?php /*
    all media models have an presenter class so you can easily show the image in different forms
    ->picture($width, $height, $fit)
    */ ?>

    <img src="{{ $media->present->picture(600, 300, 'crop') }}">

Each $media object will be a LaraMedias\Models\Media eloquent model, which will have a presenter for easily displaying images (see the above example).

The parameters in the example are the Glide width (w), height (h) and fit. You can see a simple example here (

If your model was deleted, all the medias will be deleted too.

Deleting medias

For delete your medias, just call the method removeMedias.

$product->removeMedias([1, 2]); // just pass the IDs

For removing all medias, just call the removeMedias method without any parameters.



These events are dispatched when in the above use case:

Action Event
EscapeWork\LaraMedias\Models\Media::created EscapeWork\LaraMedias\Events\MediaAdded
EscapeWork\LaraMedias\Models\Media::updated EscapeWork\LaraMedias\Events\MediaUpdated
EscapeWork\LaraMedias\Models\Media::deleted EscapeWork\LaraMedias\Events\MediaDeleted

One model has one media field

Let's say you have a Banner model and want to upload a single image for him. With Laramedias you can do this:

First, configure the config/medias.php file:

    'models' => [
        'banners' => [
            'model'  => 'App\Models\Banner',
            'fields' => ['banner'] // here you have to put the fields in your model which use medias

Second, use the EscapeWork\LaraMedias\Traits\Medias trait in your Banner model.

use EscapeWork\LaraMedias\Traits\Medias;

class Banner extends Model

    use Medias;

Then, you can just use the uploadSingleMedia method.

$banner = Banner::find(1);
$banner->uploadSingleMedia($request->file('banner'), 'banner'); // the second parameter is the field name to be updated

After that, you can just use the media helper method to show your banner.

<img src="{{ media_path($banner, 'banner', 1920, 400, 'crop') }}" alt="...">

I would also recomend in this case to make use of Presenters. You can use your custom setup or make use of this package that makes it very easy.

Then, you can setup like this:

use EscapeWork\LaravelSteroids\Presenter;

class BannerPresenter extends Presenter
    public function banner($w = 100, $h = 50, $fit = 'fit')
        return media_path($this->model, 'banner', $w, $h, $fit);

And you like this:

    <img src="{{ $banner->present->banner(1920, 500, 'crop') }}">


Feel free to open any pull request/issue with your idea/bug/suggestion.


See the License file.