A small PHP object dump utility.

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PHP Object Dump Utility. We all know the only way to debug your code is to step-through it with a debugger, like xdebug. Every now and then you end up in a situation where for some reason you can't and you have to fall back on your baser instincts and dump out object data. But var_dump and print_r can be ugly or overwhelming. That's where dumpster comes in.

While some may think that this was called dumpster because it dumps data out. Rather, it's named after a "dumpster fire", which is often what applications that use this method of debugging end up as. Always use a real debugger if you can!

Object Dump Usage

You can dump the contents of an object simply by creating a dump object and performing output() on it. For example:

$d = new \Dumpster\Dump($myDumpableObject);

Or you can use the static facade to make things easier.


This should work with all scalar, array, or object values.

Here is an example of what the output may look like:

Image of Example

Environment-Level Dump Suppression

You can turn-off the Dumpster utility on an entire environment if the environment variable DUMPSTER_SUPPRESS is a non-zero value. This can help you avoid accidental debug dumps for an application in, for example, a production environment.