This extension for Contao CMS adds a new type of navigation to create onepage navigations that are scrolled automatically.

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2.1.4 2024-01-26 12:41 UTC

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This extension for Contao Open Source CMS allows you to create a article navigation that can be used to build onepage navigations. It can be used just like a normal navigation but scrolls smoothly between the links within a page automatically rather than redirecting to another page.


  • Each article has a new area where the onepage navigation settings can be edited
  • Each article can be activated to be a navigation item
  • a new frontend module needs to be created (type: 'Article navigation (Onepage)')
  • place the module on the page (layout or as content element)
  • activate js_onepage_navigation.html5 in your site layout


  • {{scroll::[article-id]::[myCustomLinkTitle]}}
    • [article-id] = article id this link should scroll to
    • [myCustomLinkTitle] = text to be displayed as the link
    • Example: {{scroll::contact::Email us}}