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Erdiko Users

The erdiko/users is a package adding Service Models and AJAX endpoints for user management in a Erdiko application or your custom application. It will allow you to authenticate and authorize your users as well as create a user entity stored in a database.

Erdiko users leverages our authenticate and authorization packages.


Install the package via Composer

Add package using composer

composer require erdiko/users

Create & Install the DB

This package relies upon a number of database tables to store user records. You must create the database & tables before you can use this package.

We highly recomend installing the DB and tables with our install scripts found in the erdiko/user-admin repo (scripts/ More information can be found on the erdiko/user-admin README file.

If you would like to install the database manually, please use the users\sql\dumps\user-admin.sql to create the database defintion.

Add the required routes to your Erdiko application

Below are examples of the minimum required routes to interact with the users package:

  • Login Controller OR UserAuthenticationAjax Controller Route
    • The Login Controller exposes self-contained login/logout actions and views, these methods expose an HTML form to allow users to login
      • "/[ROUTE NAME]/:action": "\erdiko\users\controllers\admin\UserAjax"
    • The UserAuthenticationAjax controller provides actions to manage login/logout and password related situations as forgotPass and changePassword. This route is for AJAX login & logout.
      • "/[ROUTE NAME]/:action": "\erdiko\users\controllers\UserAuthenticationAjax"
  • Userajax Controller Route
    • Provides actions relative to manage users without privileges, to have it accessible.
      • "/[ROUTE NAME]]/:action": "\erdiko\users\controllers\UserAjax"
  • admin\Userajax Controller Route
    • Provides actions relative to manage users as admin level
      • "/ROUTE NAME]/:action": "\erdiko\users\controllers\admin\Userajax"
Example Route Config

Below is an example config containing all the AJAX endpoints exposed by the package:

     "routes": {
         "/ajax/users/admin/:action": "\erdiko\users\controllers\admin\UserAjax",
         "/ajax/users/:action": "\erdiko\users\controllers\UserAjax",
         "/ajax/roles/:action": "\erdiko\users\controllers\RoleAjax",
         "/ajax/auth/:action": "\erdiko\users\controllers\UserAuthenticationAjax",
         "/users/:action": "\erdiko\users\controllers\Login"

Project Documentation

Complete project documentation can be found on our Erdiko documentation site (coming soon).

Special Thanks

Arroyo Labs - For sponsoring development,